Tips to care for your bloombox

Flowers have a mystical, otherworldly charm to them - they have the power to instantly brighten moods and to set the tone and ambiance of a space. But beautiful blooms come at a price and can be expensive, so we here at BloomBox want to make sure your precious florals last as long as possible.

Here are our top 5 tips for caring for your bloombox. 

  1. Just one daily, very light water spray on top of the flowers to keep them hydrated. Bloombox flowers get thirsty too! 

  2. Keep your bloombox away from direct sunlight, heat and wind. 

  3. Check the flower bed occasionally. If it feels dry to the touch, add 100ml of water to replenish the moisture. 

  4. Stay away from dehumidifiers! If you're curious what will happen, go for it at your own bloombox expense!

  5. Remove wilted petals and leaves.

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Shirley Wang