One of the most iconic and timeless flower types, roses are best known for being symbols of love and romance. However depending on their colour, they can also be great gifts to celebrate friendships and for showing admiration, to indicate joy and innocence. Keep reading as we demystify the various meanings behind roses!

red roses hong kong

Red Roses

true love and desire. Red roses are classic and perfect for any romantic occasion.

white roses hong kong

White Roses

purity, innocence, peace and hope. Used to symbolise new beginnings and are perfect for weddings. Though they are also wonderful for all types of occasions.

yellow roses hong kong

Yellow Roses

If you’re after a gift for a friend, opt for jubilant yellow roses, which symbolise friendship and joy.

pink roses hong kong

Pink Roses

Want to show gratitude and appreciation? Pink roses not only connote elegance but also gratefulness, and are a great way to say thank you.

purple roses hong kong

Purple Roses

Looking for something a little unconventional? Purple (lavender or lilac) roses exude an air of wonder and mysticism, but also represent love at first sight and enchantment.

For something young and fun, try our Aqua Bloom bloombox! The brilliant coral roses, which represent passion and enthusiasm, and cheerful aquamarine box are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Customise your bloombox with roses and colours of your choice for the perfect gift to celebrate any moment or occasion! Click here to see different bloombox colour combinations - red roses or this, pink roses, white roses.  

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