Merakilya x Bloombox

Our core values at BloomBox are creativity and community. So without a doubt, one of the most exciting projects that embodies both of these values, was launching Artist Collaborations, developing unique, one of a kind gifts, made in Hong Kong. So here we go...

Today we would like to introduce our very first artist collaboration with the very talented and (surely you've noticed) gorgeous artist - Ophelia Jacarini.

 Ophelia Jacarini

Ophelia Jacarini

Ophelia is both an artist and entrepreneur, having founded Merakilya - a creative illustration agency. So we're not sure how she had time for us, but we're incredibly honoured to launch her gift card collection using her signature illustration style. 

Ophelia works across a wide array of mediums, including photography, painting, drawing, embroidery and sculpture. Her work is intensely personal, revealing intimate details of her soul and thoughts.

Her delicate techniques embody her ideas. Her sensitive approach acts upon traditional convention often governing the representation and vision of the body. 

Now you can add a piece of Ophelia's art to your bloombox order, and know that there won't be anything like it anywhere else in Hong Kong. 



Adriana Lica